Reverse osmosis (RO) systems can remove common contaminants from water including nitrates, pesticides, sulfates, fluoride, bacteria, pharmaceuticals, arsenic and much more. A list of contaminants and removal % is available here.

For decades, Reverse Osmosis water filtration has proven to be unrivaled when it comes to removing impurities from water in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Because Reverse Osmosis can effectively remove a wide range of impurities, RO technology is becoming increasing popular.

Can Reverse Osmosis Remove Bacteria?

Reverse Osmosis technology is not designed to remove bacteria and viruses. If bacteria enters the RO system, it can continually grow in pre-filters and deteriorate the membrane over time. Thus, most RO system manufacturers specify that the system "must be used with biologically safe water". Bacteria and virus removal is best achieved with a UV water sterilizer system. We highly recommend pairing a whole-house UV water sterilizer system (installed at your home's water point of entry), with a Reverse Osmosis drinking water system installed under the kitchen sink.


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