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best emergency water filter system

Emergency Water Purification

In recent years, we’ve witnessed the devastation and destruction left by earthquakes, fires, flooding, hurricanes and tsunamis. In fact, weather-related disasters are on the rise. The 2018 World Disasters Report, published by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies attributes more than one million fatalities to disasters throughout the globe in the last decade.

And the recent spread of viruses such as COVID-19 and Sars, have left many of us feeling anxious-- wondering if we could provide adequate food and water for our family during times of emergency?

Natural disasters worldwide on the rise

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Gravity Water Filter Provides Emergency Water Supply for Families

To prepare for emergencies, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends every individual assemble a “72-hour Kit”. The website outlines suggested content for emergency preparedness kits, including three gallons of water, a three-day supply of food, flashlights/batteries, first aid kit and more.

Emergency Water Storage is Difficult

If evacuating during an emergency, a family of four would need to have 12 gallons of water in tote. That's why it's recommended that you procure a type of water filtration system that would meet survival needs of a family or individual. 

With the Outback Portable Water Purifier, it is as simple as grabbing the handle and going.  This was an important part of the design in the event one was forced to leave their home.  The Outback can also act as a source of additional storage for such items  as insurance papers, extra medication, power bars. flash light,  matches etc.

Both its effectiveness and its true portability differentiate the Outback from other 'emergency' systems.  From conception, our goal was to design a utilitarian product that would function reliably in the event of an emergency or when used in undeveloped locations.  The Outback was not designed to be an 'attractive kitchen appliance' - but rather a durable, portable, affordable, simple water purification system -- effective in the removal of water borne micro organisms and chemicals.  Many of the water treatment products and systems currently sold as "Emergency Preparedness Systems" or as systems to be used in undeveloped areas, were never intended for such use and/or work poorly in those applications.

The Outback Plus: Used by Disaster Relief Organizations, Foreign Missionaries, and Emergency Planning Organizations for 20+ Years

Years of research, and most importantly-- feedback from those in the field, led us to the Outback water purification system. The Outback stands out because of its' durability, ability to grab and go with it, value for price, and ability to consistently successfully purify water in a time of need. 

The Outback systems can be assembled in just a few minutes, and come with one filter net, one sleeve, one Nano filter, one multimedia post filter. This gravity water filtration system can filter up to 1800 gallons of clean drinking water before the filters need to be replaced. Replacement filters are available here.


  • Portable
  • Durable - Requires Minimal Maintenance
  • Light Weight
  • No Moving Parts
  • Eliminates Need to Store Large Amounts of Water
  • Compact Design Requires Minimal Storage Space when not in use
  • Can be stored in “Unconditioned” climate
  • Indefinite Storage Shelf Life

Advantages of the Outback™ Water Purifiers:

    • Perfect add-on to a food storage program or 72-hour kit
    • Portable bucket system means your family could quickly grab 72-hour packs and get out of harm’s way.
    • Allows you to purify water from almost any moving water source-- stream or river. (Could also filter from swimming pool, but high chemical content lessons life of filters).
    • Gravity-powered filtration system means no electricity needed.
    • Meets EPA standards for virus and bacteria reduction.
    • Models OB-25NF removes 99.9999% bacteria and 99.99% viruses.
    • Keeps a family or small group protected from water-borne bacteria, cysts and viruses including E.coli, Cholera, Hepatitis and Polio.
    • For more than 20 years, the Outback has successfully been used by relief, rescue and religious organizations in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East and is widely used by missionary and government organizations all over the world. 

What Types of Water Source Can the Outback Filter From?

It is always best to use water from a fresh water source.  Typical water supplies that are used with the Outback are streams, creeks, rivers, ponds and lakes.  Additional water sources may be rain water collection, water heaters, swimming pools, spas, fresh water from the toilet and untreated stored water.

The standard Outback has a daily production rate of up 24 gallons per day.  The Outback Plus has a daily production rate of 12 gallons per day.

If you have questions about water filters for emergency, water experts are available Monday through Friday (Central time), 8 am to 5 pm at (877) 377-9876.