Axeon Solo 1 All-in-One RO System Review

AXEON Solo I All-In-One 4-Stage 50 GPD RO System

The Axeon Solo 1 All-in-One reverse osmosis filtration system is popular with customers because of its compact, space-saving design. If you're concerned about the under-sink drinking water system taking up too much room, this is the right system for you. In addition, the Axeon Solo provides up to 50 gallons per day of clean, great-tasting water for pennies per gallon.

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Space-Saving Design: Compact design with 50 percent smaller footprint than most RO systems.
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Advanced Technology: Incorporates highly advanced membrane technology for supreme water quality.
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Higher Flow Rates: 30% higher flow to the faucet, and higher-flow RO membrane fills the tank faster.
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Customizable: Optional remineralization cartridge available to balance water's pH.
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Trusted Brand: Axeon Water Technologies has a reputation for producing reliable and high-quality water treatment products.

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Fewer Filtration Stages: The system includes four stages of filtration instead of five stages.
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Replacement price: Filter replacements are slightly higher priced than other RO systems.
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Like all RO systems, regular maintenance (e.g., filter replacement) is necessary to ensure optimal performance.

Quick Look at the Axeon Solo RO System

The Axeon Solo under-sink RO system has consistently proven to be one of the highest-quality, top performers available. The four-stage RO system offers several notable benefits:

    1. Compact Design: Its space-saving design is ideal for homes with limited installation space under the kitchen sink.

    2. Quality Filtration: This 4-stage RO system effectively removes a wide range of contaminants to enhance the taste, odor, and overall quality of your drinking water. The Axeon Solo can remove up to 99% of impurities and pollutants including lead, pesticides, VOCs, chlorine, arsenic, and more.

    3. Ease of Maintenance: The Axeon Solo I All-In-One RO system is user-friendly and easy to maintain.

    4. Reliable Performance: Known for its dependability, the Axeon Solo RO system provides a consistent supply of purified water for daily use.

    5. Cost-Effective: With its efficient operation and durable components, the Axeon Solo RO system offers long-term cost savings over buying bottled water or hauling water jugs.

    6. Customizable Options: The fourth stage of the Axeon Solo can either be an inline post carbon for improved water taste or an optional remineralization cartridge which will balance the water's pH level.

    7. Trusted Brand: Axeon Water Technologies has a reputation for producing reliable and high-quality water treatment products.

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Benefits of the Axeon Solo 1 RO Filtration System

Bottle-quality water from faucet
The system conserves water and operates with high efficiency, sending 50% less water to drain
Delivers fresh, clean water with up to 99% of contaminants removed
Environmentally friendly - requires no chemicals and reduces use of single-use water bottles
High-quality integrated sediment and carbon filter
Convenient filtered water at kitchen faucet for cooking
Quality water for pets and aquarium
Review more benefits on the system spec sheet

Axeon Solo 1 All-in-One RO Filter System

The Axeon Solo 1 All-in-One RO system's space-saving design makes for an easy fit under the sink. This compact RO drinking water system is easy to install and maintain.

The eco-friendly Axeon Solo sends 50% less water to the drain, and produces up to 50 gallons of great-tasting water each day, perfect for beverages and cooking. The four stages of filtration greatly improve water quality by eliminating 99% of contaminants such as lead, pesticides, VOCs, chlorine, arsenic, and others.

Axeon Solo RO System FAQs

Is the Axeon Solo 1 Reverse Osmosis System a good value?

Yes, at $319, the Axeon Solo is an excellent value for the money. This system is made with quality components and is highly-rated by customers.

Is the Axeon Solo easy to install and maintain?

Yes, many of our customers are able to install the Axeon Solo under-sink filtration system themselves (see installation instructions). If you don't feel comfortable tackling, we recommend calling a local certified plumber for the installation. The system's all-in-one housing makes filter maintenance easy.

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