UVMax IHS12-D4

*UVMax IHS12-D4 has been upgraded to the VIQUA IHS12-D4 or VIQUA IHS22-D4. Replacement parts available below.



The UVMAX IHS12-D4 combines pre-treatment filters with UV purification to provide a system that combats microorganisms, odors, color and particles commonly found in water. As a point-of-entry unit, the IHS12-D4 is capable of supplying water for small homes at 9 GPM. For the current rebranded version, please see the VIQUA IHS12-D4 or the VIQUA IHS22-D4 for a larger primary filter. Both the VIQUA IHS12-D4 and the VIQUA IHS22-D4 have been upgraded to a 12 GPM capacity.



  • Lamp (602805) - Replace Every 12 Months
  • Quartz Sleeve (602732) - Replace Every 24 Months Or As Needed
  • Lamp/Sleeve Combo Kit (602810-102)
  • Sediment Filter (CMB-510-HF) – Replace Every 6 Months
  • Carbon Block (155783-43) – Replace Every 6 Months

PDF iconViqua UVMAX IHS12-D4 Brochure

PDF iconViqua UVMAX IHS Systems Manual

PDF iconUVMAX Lamp & Sleeve Replacement Instructions