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VIQUA UVMAX 602665 Sleeve Bolt All Models
Sleeve Bolts have changed color from Black to a Gray to ensure proper installation.

VIQUA Sleeve Bolt (602665)



New sleeve bolt from VIQUA designed to reduce the risk of misaligning the quartz sleeve when placing into the UV chamber.

  • This new bolt is grey, rather than black, to better distinguish between the existing sleeve bolt and lamp bolt.
  • Only requires one o-ring so less likely to pop out when operator forgets to depressurize UV system before putting in lamp. 
  • This sleeve bolt (602665) is utilized in VIQUA D4, E4 and F4 series systems. 
  • Be sure to wear gloves when you change the UV lamp, and always use genuine VIQUA lamps to ensure optimal performance and keep the integrity of the system.

For detailed instructions on how to replace the bolt, check out this VIQUA video.


  • Compatible Systems: VIQUA UVMAX A, B4, C4, D4, D4 Plus, E4, E4 Plus, F4, F4 Plus
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