UVMax E4 Plus

Ultraviolet System

UVMax E4 Plus Replacement Lamp & Sleeve

The E4 Plus Model is a 22 GPM point-of-entry system for medium to high flow applications that renders chlorine-resistant parasites, bacteria and viruses harmless. This system features a UV sensor for system performance feedback, an EOL timer that tells you when to replace the lamp, an LED status monitor to track system functionality and stainless steel chamber. For the current rebranded version, please see the VIQUA E4 Plus.

*UVMax E4 Plus has been renamed VIQUA E4 Plus. Replacement parts available below.

Replacement Lamp & Sleeve Info

Lamp (602806) - Replace every 12 months

Quartz Sleeve (602733) - Replace every 24 months or as needed, and clean whenever lamp is replaced

Lamp/Sleeve Combo Kit (602810-103)