VIQUA S2Q-OZ Ozone Disinfection UV System


The VIQUA S2Q-OZ is an Ozone Disinfection system designed for hot tubs or spa applications using UV Light to create Ozone. Designed to be used with an Air Venturi system, the VIQUA S2Q-OZ injects the produced Ozone into the circulated water to provide cleaner, disinfected water with less chemicals and extending the life of the hot tub or spa. The S2Q-OZ produces 70 mg Ozone @ 5 SCFH air flow for smaller water usage such as a hot tub. Since the S2Q-OZ generates Ozone air, there is no need for a quartz sleeve, making maintenance that much easier. It features compact size for convenient installation and stainless steel chamber to protect the UV lamp. Capable of 100-240V, 50-60Hz.



  • Lamp (S415ROL) - Replace every 12 months

PDF iconVIQUA S2Q-OZ Model UV Ozone System Manual