Vertex PWC-2000


The Vertex PWC-2000 3 temperature bottleless water cooler has been discontinued by the manufacturer. All replacement parts are still available


The PWC-2000 is a bottle-less water cooler with several customizing options to meet your preferences. Two filtration options are available: 2-Stage filtration (no RO membrane) OR 3-Stage filtration (includes RO membrane). For color, an upgrade to Executive Grey over the standard White Model is also available. You can find and order all of this system’s replacement filters at once in our replacement kits below.



  • STAGE 1 - Sediment Filter (K5605-JJ) - Replace Every 12 Months
  • STAGE 2 - GAC Filter (K5633-JJ) - Replace Every 12 Months
  • STAGE 3* - 1x  RO Membrane TFC 50 GPD (555694-00) - Replace Every 24 Months

*This stage only included in the 3-Stage PWC-2000R systems


PDF iconPWC-2000 Spec Sheet

PDF iconVertex PureWaterCooler (PWC) Owners Manual

PDF iconVertex PureWaterCooler (PWC) Service Manual