Pura ultraviolet systems are manufactured by Hydrotech, itself a division of Canature Water Group, a leading company in the water treatment business that combines its experience, expertise and the latest technology to develop innovative purification systems. Pura systems are popular for point-of-use applications such as sinks, refrigerators and ice makers because of their simple yet highly effective design.


Pura UV is recognized for both its basic simplicity as well as its performance. Offering systems with flow rates ranging from 1 through 15 gallon per minute PURA products cover the full spectrum of systems for both point of use and point of entry requirements. The PURA UVB, UV20 & UVBB models are available in a single, double and three stage filter housing designs which providing both filtration and UV protection in a single unit. Several models also offer audible warning alarms or power outage solenoid valves.