Ultraviolet (UV) Water Purification is a proven technology that uses UV light to kill harmful microorganisms in water. As a long-established and highly-regarded form of water treatment, UV systems are used around the world in millions of industrial applications, businesses, and individual homes.

With ultraviolet water purification, you can trust that your water is free of waterborne microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and cysts. UV is environmentally friendly and does not make any changes or add chemicals to your water. Protect your health and enjoy peace of mind with UV water purification.

Ultraviolet Lamp and Sleeve Combo

UV Replacement Lamps (bulbs) and Quartz Sleeves

We offer the most popular brands and types of UV replacement lamps and sleeves for both residential and commercial UV water purification systems. We carry replacements for all sizes of systems from 1 gallon/minute to 180 gallon/minute. The brands we carry include Viqua, Pura, UVMax (Trojan), Sterilight, and many more. We offer both US made and foreign made lamps and sleeves from leading UV manufacturers. Find everything you need to keep your UV water system producing clean, safe water.


A picture of a Viqua VH410-F20 UV system

Residential UV Systems

ESP Water Products offers UV water purification systems for any size of home. These systems are designed to keep you, and those you care about, safe from water borne microbiological contaminants. Our systems range from small, single-faucet applications, to solutions designed to treat the water in very large homes. Sizing the correct system is based on flow rate needed (in gallons per minute) for the application.The UV system can produce safe water with flow rates from 1 gallon/minute to 30 gallons/minute, depending on size and need. We carry the best brands and systems in the industry and are confident they will provide you with safe and clean water, all day, every day with little maintenance required.


Photo of a Viqua Pro 30 UV system

Commercial UV Systems

We carry UV water filtration systems designed to meet any commercial or industrial water purification need. These systems can provide clean, safe water for restaurants, hotels, offices, medical providers, manufacturing processes, and much more. Sizing the correct system is based on flow rate needed (in gallons per minute) for the application. Commercial and industrial UV system range in flow rates from 3 gallons/minute to 180 gallons/minute. UV water treatment has proven to be an excellent, safe and cost effective method for providing water free from microbiologic contaminants. Provide your customers, your environment or your process with clean water using a UV application that meets the needs.


Photo of a Viqua C02 Carbon Block Filter

UV Replacement Parts and Filters

ESP Water Products offers all the replacement parts needed for any size UV water system – residential or commercial. The parts we offer are OEM certified straight from the brand manufacturer, designed to work flawlessly with your specific system. While UV water treatment systems have few parts to maintain; consistent service and replacement of UV parts (lamps and sleeves) is critical to keep your system operating well and providing excellent, safe water. It is also important to make sure any pre-filtration systems are operating properly and providing clear water to your UV system. We have the filters needed to keep your system working correctly. Remember to service your filters every six months and your UV lamp and sleeve every 12 months. This will ensure that you’ll have clean, safe water every time you use it.


Photo of Viqua D4 Residential UV system

Search Ultraviolet Systems & Parts By Brands

All our UV systems and replacement parts can be located by selecting the desired brand in our navigation on the left column. We list all the UV brands, systems, and replacement parts by type. We also have replacement filters and other pre-filtration parts you may need; making maintenance and service of your system simple, easy, and convenient.