Can I Install a Reverse Osmosis Water System Myself?

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Freeman Linton

Many of our customers who purchase an under-counter Reverse Osmosis water filtration system choose to install the system themselves. Yes, DIY is becoming increasingly popular, so when folks call in and ask about self installation, we generally answer,

If you're handy and somewhat mechanical, installing an RO system should not be too difficult or time consuming.

By purchasing a system online and then installing the system yourself, you can save a bundle of RO PuROTwist 4000money. Go for it if you're feeling confident and ready to tackle the installation. Check out our step-by-step installation instructions for under-counter reverse osmosis systems. There are also many RO installation YouTube videos available online.

You might also refer to our RO Troubleshooting Guide to answer common RO issues including slow water flow, noisy drain or faucet, and more. Our suggestions on what to know before purchasing a reverse osmosis system might also prove helpful.

When to Call a Professional

Although many customers choose to install their RO system themselves, most prefer to have a professional plumber install it for them. If you're worried you don't have the right tools, background knowledge, or time to install the system (or worry you won't install it correctly), we'd recommend you hire a local plumber. You can save a lot of money by purchasing the Reverse Osmosis System from ESP Water Products and then hiring a local plumber to do the install, rather than purchasing through a local water treatment company.

Four Recommendations When Hiring a Local Plumber to Install RO

Reviews Matter

If you don't already have a plumber whom you know and trust, check out local plumber reviews on the internet. Popular review sites include:

Call Around

Once you've identified a few reputable plumbers in your area, make phone calls and ask questions.

  • Tell them you have already purchased an RO system and are simply looking to have it installed.
  • Ask if they're familiar with RO installations.
  • Ask if you can pay them their hourly rate to install a system.
  • Ask how much time a typical RO installation takes.
  • Ask for references.

Size it Right

If you're wondering what size residential RO system is right for your household, we recommend a 50 GPD-rated RO system. The higher gallon per day (GPD) system does not cost much more than a lower-production-rated system, yet provides more adequate production when water temperatures get cold during winter months and as the membrane draws closer to the end of its' life and slows (typically at 24 months). Keep in mind we sell complete replacement kits to take the guessing game out of filter replacements.

We're Here to Help

If you have additional questions, our team of water experts are always happy to take your calls Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. That's one of the perks of purchasing from us! When you call in, we will first pull up your order and verify the system is purchased from ESP Water Products. That way, we will know exactly what system you're working with and can best help you. For example, do you know if you want an "air gap" or "non-air-gap" system?

Unfortunately, due to time constraints we cannot provide installation or troubleshooting help for systems not purchased through our website. We recommend you call the company or store where you purchased your system.