4-Stage RO System with 2 Vertical Filters

Reverse Osmosis Systems

4-Stage RO System with 2 Vertical and 2 Horizontal Filters

If your RO system matches the filter configuration to the left, the following four replacement filters should work with your system:

Sediment Filter (Can use 93023). Replace every 6-12 months

Carbon Block Filter (Can use OMB934-5m). Replace every 6-12 months

Inline Carbon Filter Replace every 6-12 months. (Identify inline filter using instruction section below)

RO Membrane. Replace every 24 months. (Identify RO membrane using instruction section below)

Identify Filter Instructions

How to Select the Right RO Membrane for Your RO System:

Most under-counter RO systems use the same size of RO membrane, but they may be rated for different flow rates. It is very important to order the correct membrane with the gallon per day (GPD) flow rate your system is rated for. To remove and identify the gallon per day (GPD) rating on your current RO membrane, do the following:

  1. Disconnect the single tube connected to the membrane housing cap.

  2. Unscrew the membrane housing cap and remove the membrane from the housing.

  3. Once removed, look for a label on the membrane with the gallon per day (GPD) rating on it.

  4. Select a membrane from the options below that most closely matches the gallon per day (GPD) rating on your current membrane.

How to Select the Right Inline Filter for Your RO System:

The inline filter is typically located on top of the system above the membrane housing. When selecting the inline filter, it is very important to select the correct fittings on the filter, where the tubes connect on each end. To get the correct inline filter for your RO system, do the following:

  1. Verify the diameter of the inline filter, either 2” or 2.5".

  2. Verify the filter length, either 6" or 10".

  3. Identify if the filter has female threaded fittings on each end or quick connect fittings.

  4. Identify the outside diameter of the tubing connected to the end of each filter, either 1/4" or 3/8".

  5. Select the inline filter option below that matches the dimensions of your current filter. Once the filter is selected you will have the option to select the correct fitting.