3-Stage RO System with 2 Vertical Filters

3-stagerostystem-1-horizontal-2-vertical-cropped0e33.jpg3-Stage RO system with two vertical filters and one horizontal filter on top

  • STAGE 1 - Carbon Block Pre-Filter (OMB934-5m) - Replace every 12 months
  • STAGE 2 - RO Membrane (Identify Membrane following instructions below) - Replace every 24 months
  • STAGE 3 - GAC Carbon Post Filter (OCB934RO T33) - Replace every 12 months

IDENTIFY YOUR RO MEMBRANE: The RO Membrane is the long horizontal filter on top of the system. RO Membranes are rated to filter to a specific amount of water measured in gallons per day (GPD). To identify the gallon per day (GPD) rating on your current RO membrane, disconnect the single tube connected to the membrane housing cap. Unscrew the membrane housing cap and remove the membrane from the housing. Look for a label with the gallon per day (GPD) rating on it. Select a membrane from the options below that most closely matches the gallon per day (GPD) rating on your current membrane