Wedeco/Ideal Horizons


Wedeco began in Herford, Germany in 1976 to produce environmentally friendly water treatment such as UV and Ozone disinfection. They have produced several advanced technologies in UV water treatment as well as advancements in longevity and efficiency in UV lamps.

In 2000, Wedeco merged with an American competitor, Ideal Horizons, which had been in business since 1983. The combined company became known as WEDECO Ideal Horizons, Inc; then changed its name to WEDECO UV Technologies, Inc in 2003. In 2004, the combined company was bought by ITT Industries to become a subsidiary of their Water division. Then in 2011, the ITT Water & Wastewater division was spun out into a separate company called Xylem. Today Wedeco is a subsidiary of Xylem and continues to specialize in UV and Ozone Treatment.