Wedeco DLR-1A

Wedeco DLR Series UV system

The Wedeco Ideal Horizons DLR A series is the precursor to the Wedeco Aquada Altima series prior to their merger with ITT Industries/Xylem. Due to different standards, the DLR series had higher flow rates compared to the Aquada series. The DLR A1 has a max flow rate of 5 gallons per minute and is their no-frills system. The DLR A1 offers UV water disinfection at an economical price with a glow-cap lamp operation indicator and a “Safe-T-Cap” lamp connector system.



  • Lamp (37085 - NLR 1825 WS) - Replace every 12 months
  • Quartz Sleeve (703321) - Replace every 24 months or as needed

PDF iconWedeco DLR Series Brochure

PDF iconWedeco DLR A Series Manual