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VIQUA UVMax UV Power Supply Kit for PRO20 Model UV Systems (1994-2008) (650629-020)

VIQUA UVMax UV Power Supply Kit for PRO30 Model UV Systems (1994-2008) (650629-030)

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The Power Supply/Controller/Ballast Replacement Kit for VIQUA UVMax Pro30 Model systems manufactured between 1994-2008. This is a transformer that supplies the correct voltage to your system. It also keeps you informed by monitoring lamp age and CoolTouch Fan functionality. Accessories such as the Audible Alarm and solenoid valves are monitored and controlled by this power supply. The 650629-030 only works with the older versions of the Pro30 as it has no flowmeter and newer models have a magnetic read switch on the top of the chamber that must be in place for the circuit to complete. The included lamp harness can no longer be purchased separately. This older controller must be used or the Pro30 will not turn on.

Note: The Trojan UVMax models manufactured between the years 1994-2008


  • For use with VIQUA UVMax Pro30 Model system from 1994-2008
  • Includes Lamp Harness
  • Sensor Reading Indicator
  • Operates at 100-240 Volts
  • Offers lamp replacement reminders
  • Monitors lamp, power supply, fan and solenoid functionality
  • Features lamp age reset button
  • Power Cord is not included and must be selected for each countries standard.
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