VIQUA S8Q-OZ Ozone Disinfection UV System

Ultraviolet System

VIQUA S8Q-OZ Ozone Disinfection UV System Replacement Lamp & Sleeve

The VIQUA S8Q-OZ is an Ozone Disinfection system designed for small residential swimming pools up to 20,000 gallons using UV Light to create Ozone. Designed to be used with an Air Venturi system, the VIQUA S8Q-OZ injects the produced Ozone into the circulated water to provide cleaner, disinfected water with less chemicals and extending the life of the pool while killing bacteria. The S8Q-OZ produces 2020 mg Ozone @ 5 SCFH air flow for residential swimming pools. Since the S8Q-OZ generates Ozone air, there is no need for a quartz sleeve, making maintenance that much easier. It features compact size for convenient installation and stainless steel chamber to protect the UV lamp. Capable of 100-240V, 50-60Hz.

Replacement Lamp & Sleeve Info

Lamp (S8ROL/4P) - Replace every 12 months