VIQUA Pro24-186 (660086-R) - 24 GPM

Viqau Pro24-186 660086-R

The Viqua Pro24-186 (660086-R) takes pro level safety to the next level thanks to 2 chamber ultra-high output Viqua UV lamps featuring Cool Touch fan technology. The Pro24-186 allows flow rates up to 24 GPM with a 3rd party validation for Adenovirus (4-log virus) giving you the peace of mind you need. The included UV sensor and flow meter will provide constant feedback on UV disinfection and system performance. This data can be constantly recorded on a micro-SD card or connected directly to a PC with free software available for analyzing system performance. Optional solenoid valve will ensure water shuts off in the event water is not being disinfected properly. This system makes complying with Ground Water Rule and LT2 regulations simple. The Pro24-186 features an amalgam lamp that provides higher strength and up to 2 years of lamp life. Capable of 100-240V, 50-60Hz. (See downloadable spec sheet below for more details).



  • Lamp (602856) x2 - Replace every 24 months
  • Quartz Sleeve (602976) x2 - Replace every 24 months or as needed
  • Lamp/Sleeve Combo Kit (602850-103) x2

PDF iconVIQUA Pro24-186 (660086-R) Model UV System Manual

PDF iconVIQUA Pro24-186 Spec Sheet

PDF iconLamp and Sleeve Replacement Instructions

PDF iconVIQUA Pro24-186 Sensor Replacement Instructions

PDF iconVIQUA 4-Log Adenovirus Info Sheet