Sanitron S5000C

Atlantic Ultraviolet Sanitron 5000 and Up UV system

The Sanitron S5000C UV Unit by Atlantic Ultraviolet is part of Atlantic’s expansive Sanitron line that covers everything from residential to commercial to industrial uses. The S5000C is a larger UV system consisting of 2 S2400C system used in conjunction, connected in a series with one inlet and one outlet. The S5000C provides 83 gallons per minute and uses 2 lamps and sleeves. The Sanitron series features an Easy-Off end cap, a removeable flanged head for easy disassembly in case of repairs with no special tools, a drain plug, a manual wiper and wiper lock to provide easy cleaning of the quartz sleeve with no disassembly required, and a sight port to allow easy visual confirmation of UV lamp operation. The Sanitron has several options such as a lamp status alarms, a safety sensor, an ultraviolet monitor, elapsed time indicator, solenoid valve, flow control, and more. Due to its construction, the S5000C allows for independent monitoring of each part of the system along with the ability to put only part of the system in standby for maintenance while system continues operation. The S5000C is a NSF certified model and has a CE compliant version available.

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  • Lamp (05-1311-R) x2 - Replace every 12 months
  • Quartz Sleeve (15-1082A) x2 - Replace every 24 months or as needed

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PDF iconAtlantic Ultraviolet Sanitron Manual S5000

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