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Atlantic Ultraviolet Sanitron S2400C 40 GPM UV System - S2400C S2400C

Sanitron S2400C UV System 40 GPM 120V or 220V

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The Sanitron S2400C UV Unit by Atlantic Ultraviolet is part of Atlantic’s expansive Sanitron line that covers everything from residential to commercial to industrial uses. The S2400C is 52” long to provide 40 gallons per minute and uses 1 lamp and sleeve. The Sanitron series features an Easy-Off end cap, a removable flanged head for easy disassembly in case of repairs with no special tools, a drain plug, a manual wiper and wiper lock to provide easy cleaning of the quartz sleeve with no disassembly required, and a sight port to allow easy visual confirmation of UV lamp operation. The Sanitron has several options such as a lamp status alarms, a safety sensor, an ultraviolet monitor, elapsed time indicator, solenoid valve, flow control, and more. The S2400C is a NSF certified model. The S2400C serves as the base to build larger Santiron systems.

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PDF icon  Lamp (05-1311-R) - Replace every 12 months
PDF icon  Quartz Sleeve (15-1082A) - Replace every 24 months or as needed
PDF icon  Lamp/Sleeve Combo Kit (28-0998)


EASY-OFF END CAP: Easily removable end cap to change UV lamp effortlessly.

DRAIN PLUG: Accessible plug for simple draining of purifier chamber.

SIGHT PORT: The Sanitron systems are equipped with a sight port for easy viewing of lamp operation.

WIPER: All Sanitron systems come equipped with a special patented dual action wiper to make periodic cleaning of the quartz sleeve effortless, extend the life of the quartz sleeve, and keep the output of the UV lamp at peak levels.

NSF CERTIFIED: Sanitron S37C, S50C, and S2400C are available in NSF certified models.


  • Flow Rate: 40 Gallons Per Minute
  • Application: Point-of-Entry
  • Power: 120-230V   50-60Hz   50W   N. American Plug
  • Overall Dimensions: 52.375" x 6.625"
  • Inlet Dimensions: 2" NPT
  • Outlet Dimensions: 2" NPT


PDF iconAtlantic Ultraviolet Sanitron Brochure

PDF iconAtlantic Ultraviolet Sanitron Manual S2400C

PDF iconAtlantic Ultraviolet Water Purification Brochure

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