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Water, Water Everywhere and not a drop to drink...

Natural disasters can happen anywhere, anytime. Be it flooding, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes or a national emergency, our city water systems (and even wells) can be compromised as pipes and infrastructure carrying our water are disrupted and contaminated with chemicals and microorganisms (germs, bacteria and viruses). As well as having a bad odor and taste, contaminated water can cause diseases such as dysentery, typhoid, and hepatitis. All water of uncertain source or quality should be treated before using it for drinking, food preparation, or hygiene.

During and after natural disasters and emergencies, a person can only go a few days without clean, safe water. It is always wise to have an alternative source of safe drinking water – an emergency water purification system.

We offer proprietary emergency water filter bottles, replacement filters and parts, treatment tablets and emergency water filter systems designed specifically to meet these survival water needs for individuals, families, small groups and communities.

The Outback - A System For Individuals, Families, Groups and More

The Outback is a critical component of any emergency preparedness or food storage program. Designed for long term use, The Outback is a gravity-powered system and purifies water from almost any fresh or moving* water source. Rugged and durable, it was designed to be used when municipal supplies are compromised or are not available. The Outback's design has been proven effective by rescue, relief and religious organizations in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia and is widely used by missionary and government organizations throughout the world. All of this -- as well as being simple enough for a child to operate.

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Many cities, municipalities are struggling to identify a way to provide safe drinking water to their residents during, and in the aftermath, of major storms and natural disasters. The DIVVY has been proven worldwide to work in all kinds of environments, supplying drinking water to thousands in need, fast and anywhere there is water to process.

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The DIVVY 250 is designed to be quickly transported to the site and assembled in less than 30 minutes, without the need for tools or heavy equipment. Everything from transport, assembly, operation, and distribution is "Human Powered." Tubing, valves, fittings etc. are sized and configured so that they cannot be assembled incorrectly. All components of the DIVVY system are designed to collapse into compact storage and transport containers for rapid deployment and space efficient storage.

The DIVVY 250 purifies water in a two-step process of "super chlorination" and micro filtration. Batched water is chemically inactivated in the DIVVY Tank using a 3-5ppm concentration of NSF/ANSI Standard 60 certified calcium hypochlorite, followed by final filtration at the distribution point. The result is inactivation of >99.99% virus, >99.9999% of bacteria, and removal of >99.9% of protozoan cysts. The final filtration process also reduces chlorine content to less than 1ppm, and removes chemical contamination, bad tastes and odors, all for less than $.04/gallon.

Additional DIVVY Tanks can be added to eliminate wait time for disinfection. Additional distribution stations can be added to relieve congestion at the point of distribution. etc. The DIVVY 250 provides everything needed for the collection, disinfection, distribution and transport of emergency water.  The DIVVY 250 is your complete water system from source to point of use. Contact espwaterproducts.com for assistance in customizing a system to best suit your needs.

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