Outback OB-25FF


The Outback OB-25FF is a gravity-powered system that purifies almost any fresh or moving water source. It is designed to be for emergency and disaster preparedness, for daily use when municipal water systems are compromised, or in undeveloped area where treated water isn't available like during camping. The OB-25FF has four stages designed to eliminate virtually all bacteria, cysts, organic contaminates, chlorine, and more. The Outback OB-25FF allows for between 24-48 gallons of purified water per day. Discover more about the Outback system.



  • STAGE 1 - PFnet2 Pre-Filter Net – Replace every 12 months
  • STAGE 2 - FS5 Pre-Filter Sleeve – Replace every 12 months
  • STAGE 3 - RF05-7 Pre-Filter – Replace every 6 months or when flow slows below operational level
  • STAGE 4 - RM300 Multi-media Filtration Cartridge – Replace every 1800 gallons or 12 months

PDF iconOutback OB-25FF Spec Sheet

PDF iconOutback OB-25FF Instruction Manual