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L5551 Replacement Water Filter Cartridge Twist Off 1/4 Turn L5551

Omnipure L5551 Sediment and GAC Carbon Combo Filter - Magic Mountain

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The L5551 cartridge is the replacement filter for Magic Mountain Water coolers and dispensers. This includes AquverseBottleless Direct, iBottleless, Brio, Clover, and Oasis. The L5551 also fits the BDX Series Water Coolers.
  • TYPE: 1/2 Sed 1/2 GAC = (1/2 five-micron sediment filter, 1/2 GAC granular activated carbon filter) 1/4 Turn Twist Style Single Replacement Cartridge. 
  • QUALITY: This filter is made from the finest phosphate-free materials possible, (built in) 5-micron sediment filter, T-40 Granular Activated Coconut Carbon, along with a host of proprietary manufacturing patents. 
  • SYSTEM CONVENIENCE: This user-friendly filter automatically shuts water off when changing.  
  • WHAT MAKE THIS FILTER BETTER: The L5551 has a built in 5-micron sediment filter to protect the granular activated carbon (GAC). GAC media removes impurities to improve the taste of your water. The GAC grains in this filter are very small grains and known as GAC coconut carbon. The grains are much smaller than the grains of sand, and are responsible for absorbing liquid chemicals such as chlorine.

This is the L5551 Replacement Cartridge for Magic Mountain Water Products Water Coolers/Dispensers, which includes Aquverse, Bottleless Direct, iBottleless, Brio, Clover, Oasis. Also fits the BDX series Water Coolers.

NOTE: Avoid inferior knock offs using look alike housings with similar model codes (an L-5515 is not the L-5551) they are not using the same high-quality media components--the difference is huge. 

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