Nutripure 4B-SC

Atlantic Ultraviolet Nutripure UV Air Purification system

The Atlantic Ultraviolet Nutripure 4B-SC is designed to ventilate the air space in liquid storage tanks in commercial applications. This helps to prevent condensation that would form and then dilute the stored liquid which can then also promote the growth of bacteria and mold. The Nutripure 4B-SC features ArmorLite Safety Shield coating that protects against broken lamp fragments and mercury contamination. The 4B-SC features Steadfast Lampholders to keep single-pin lamps in place, an interlock safety switch that turns off power when the access panel is opened, a particulate filter, and an observation port for safe visual inspection of lamp operation. The 4B-SC has options for a remote lamp indicator, ultraviolet meter, and elapsed time indicator. The 4B-SC requires 1 lamp but no sleeve due to its separation from the treated liquid and treats up to 6000 gallon tank size.

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  • Lamp (05-6011) - Replace every 12 months

PDF iconAtlantic Ultraviolet Nutripure Brochure

PDF iconAtlantic Ultraviolet Nutripure Manual 2B-SC - 6B-ASC

PDF iconAtlantic Ultraviolet Air Purification Comparison Sheet