Mighty Pure MP13A

Atlantic Ultraviolet Mighty Pure UV System

The MP13A by Atlantic Ultraviolet is a discontinued size for their MightyPure series of ultraviolet disinfection units that requires 1 lamp and sleeve at 2 gallons per minute. The MightyPure MP13A comes with an exclusive Easy-Off End Cap for easy lamp changes and drain and sight ports. The system also is available with various options such as a Guardian Ultraviolet Monitor, a safety sensor, lamp status alarm, audio alarm, flow control and solenoid valves, and more.



  • Lamp (05-1400-R) - Replace every 12 months
  • Quartz Sleeve (15-1110A) - Replace every 24 months or as needed

PDF iconAtlantic Ultraviolet Mighty Pure Brochure

PDF iconAtlantic Ultraviolet Mighty Pure Manual

PDF iconAtlantic Ultraviolet Water Purification Brochure