Ultraviolet System

LUMINOR BLACKCOMB-HO 4.1 (LBH4-151) 15 GPM UV Replacement Lamp & Sleeve

The LUMINOR BLACKCOMB-HO 4.1 LBH4-151 is a 15 GPM premium UV System designed to provide the ultimate protection against microbiological threats and fits various applications that coincide with its GPM rating. The LUMINOR BLACKCOMB-HO 4.1 system was designed for simplicity and ease of operation that permits lamp or sleeve replacement without the need to drain the reactor chamber, unlike competitive systems. This system features high quality UV lamps and bayonet style lamp connector for simple lamp change. The controller houses a full LCD color screen that displays diagnostics, system status, and visual warnings with audible notifications, all in a splash-proof case.

Replacement Lamp & Sleeve Info

Lamp (RL-420HO) - Replace every 12 months

Quartz Sleeve (RQ-420) - Replace every 24 months or as needed, and clean whenever lamp is replaced

Lamp/Sleeve Combo Kit (RLQ-420HO)