Luminor Blackcomb 6.1 LB6-201 UV System with Sensor21 GPM 1" MNPT

Part Number: LB6-201

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Luminor Blackcomb 6.1 LB6-201 UV System with Sensor21 GPM 1" MNPT

(You save $249.00 )
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Product Feature: UV Sensor and Alarm

UV Sensor and Alarm

Product Feature: LCD Screen

LCD Screen

Product Feature: Lamp Replacement Timer

Lamp Replacement Timer

Product Feature: Made in North America

Made in North America

The LUMINOR BLACKCOMB 6.1 LB6-201 is designed to control microbiological contaminants in water with easy DIY installation while having the added benefit of a UV sensor. The BLACKCOMB 6.1 series systems are used in numerous applications with optional equipment module additions. This system features integral lamp life monitoring, axial flow, 304 stainless steal polished reactors, and ultimate continuous UV intensity monitoring with flow rates stated at 95% UVT at a dose of 30mJ/cm². LUMINOR is the "one-stop" solution for all your disinfection needs!


uv-concierge-icon.pngUV Concierge (MOD-APP) - Phone app providing live status of your UV system

luminor-ultrasonic-flow-meter-icon.pngUltrasonic Flow Meter (LFM-1.0) - Saves energy when water is not flowing

To request international electrical plug types “F” (Europe), “G” (UK), and “I” (Australia) be included with your system at no charge, please email customer support, after ordering.

  • Chamber: 10 Years
  • Electric: 3 Years
  • Lamp & Sleeve: 1 Year
  • Features

    • Monitors UV light intensity for proper UV dose
    • User friendly screen displays lamp life, system status, and how to resolve errors
    • Counts down the days until UV lamp is due for replacement
    • System made in Canada and/or USA


    • Flow Rate: 21 Gallons Per Minute
    • Application: Point-of-Entry
    • Power: 110V/50-60Hz
    • Reactor Dimensions: 3.5" x 37"
    • Inlet Dimensions: 1" MNPT
    • Outlet Dimensions: 1" MNPT