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Luminor LUMINOR BLACKCOMB 5.1 LB5-151 UV System 15 GPM LB5-151
Luminor LUMINOR BLACKCOMB 5.1 LB5-151 UV System 15 GPM LB5-151
Luminor LUMINOR BLACKCOMB 5.1 LB5-151 UV System 15 GPM LB5-151

Luminor Blackcomb 5.1 LB5-151 Ultraviolet System 15 GPM

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The LUMINOR BLACKCOMB 5.1 LB5-151 is a 15 gpm UV light water sterilizer that uses ultraviolet rays to sterilize 99.99% of chlorine-resistant bacteria and viruses. The UV light scrambles the DNA bonds making them unable to reproduce or cause illnesses. Keep your family safe from Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and E. Coli with the LUMINOR BLACKCOMB 5.1 LB5-151.

This whole-house UV water disinfection system is designed to control microbiological issues in water with easy, DIY installation. The BLACKCOMB 5.1 series systems are for point-of-entry applications with optional equipment module additions. This system features integral lamp life monitoring, axial flow, 304 stainless steel polished reactors with flow rates stated at 95% UVT at a dose of 30mJ/cm². 


PDF icon  Lamp (RL-999) - Replace every 12 months
PDF icon  Quartz Sleeve (RQ-999) - Replace every 24 months or as needed
PDF icon  Lamp/Sleeve Combo Kit (RLQ-999) - Replace when needed


uv-concierge-icon.pngUV Concierge (MOD-APP) - Phone app providing live status of your UV system

uv-sensor-icon.pngUV Sensor (RS-B2.5- Monitors UV light intensity

luminor-ultrasonic-flow-meter-icon.pngUltrasonic Flow Meter (LFM-1.0) - Saves energy when water is not flowing


FULL COLOR LCD SCREEN: Displays system performance, applicable fault messages, and multiple operational screens.

LAMP COUNTDOWN SEQUENCE: Counts down the days until lamp change is required with various warning notifications.

POWERFUL UV LAMPS: Fitted with reliable and industry proven, coated UV lamps offering up to 10,000 hour life. 


  • Flow Rate: 15 Gallons Per Minute
  • Application: Point-of-Entry
  • Power: 110V/50-60Hz N. American Plug
  • Reactor Dimensions: 2.5" x 40"
  • Inlet Dimensions: 1" MNPT
  • Outlet Dimensions: 1" MNPT
  • Electrical Plug Types Available:
    • B – North & Central America, Japan (NEMA 5-15P)
    • F – Europe, Brazil, Russia (CEE 7/7)
    • G – UK, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong (BS 1363)
    • I – Australia, New Zealand, Argentina (AS 3112)


  • Chamber: 10 Years
  • Electric: 3 Years
  • Lamp & Sleeve: 1 Year


PDF icon LUMINOR BLACKCOMB 5.1 LB5-101 Model UV System Manual

PDF icon LUMINOR BLACKCOMB 5.1 LB5-101 Spec Sheet

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