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L5451 Replacement Cartridge



  • L5451 Replacement Filter for Mojo Water Coolers, 1/2 sediment filter (5 microns) 1/2 GAC (coconut carbon) 
  • Quarter turn easy change makes it very user friendly, Certified for 1200 gallons usage or 6 months 
  • Turns the supply water off when the cartridge is rotated for removal even if you forget too. 
  • Fits the Magic Mountain Water Products newly designed fitler head purchased from 2017- current 
  • Fits Mojo water coolers; Mist, Frost, Everest, Danalietc Also Fits: Clover D14, D16, MTN Mist and Frost Units. and many more. 

Replacement filter cartridge originally purchased from Magic Mountain Water Products model L5451 that replaced the M1000 for Mojo water coolers that was recently purchased from Magic Mountain Water Products over the past two years.

HERE IS YOUR REPLACEMENT CARTRIDGE THAT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR: Fits the Magic Mountain Water Products Replacement for the Mojo Water Cooler Lines, as well as the XO water products water cooler lines, and the Bottleless Direct water cooler lines. This water purification and filtration system is independently certified to remove the things most people are concerned about in their tap water: chlorine, chemicals, color, bad taste and odor.

However, this commercial-grade purification system leaves the beneficial minerals in your filtered water. Small offices and homes only need to change the filter cartridge every 1200 gallons or every 6 months. Medium-sized offices (more than 30 people) or a water cooler that get a lot of use or location with heavy sediment or iron in the water should change the water filter cartridge every 3-6 months, or as necessary.

Thanks to our new automatic replacement program leave the hassles of reordering to us. We'll send you a reminder when it's time to replace your filter!

NOTE: we also carry the L5551 filter replacement.


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