Puronics, formerly Ionics, has been in the water filtration industry since 1947. Ionics was bought by GE Water and Process Technologies in 2005 and then spun out Ionics as a new independent company named Puronics. Along with the change to Puronics, the company changed all systems to propriety filters that must be replaced by a Puronics dealer. The older Ionics RO systems used Water Factory Systems filters by 3M that are easily identified and replaced. Select one of the older Ionics Reverse Osmosis Systems below to find your replacement parts and recommended part replacement schedules.


The Ionics Ion, Ionics MicroMax 6000, MicroMax 6500 (now known as the Puronics MicroMax 6000 and Puronics MicroMax 6500 RO systems, respectively), and Puronics MicroMax 7000 RO systems all use proprietary filters that can only be changed by a Puronics dealer. Puronics has engineered these filters to be non-compatible with other RO systems. Since Puronics replacement filters are available only through a select group of Puronics water treatment dealers, the dealer network is able to keep the prices of the system and the filters artificially inflated.


Due to customer demand, we now provide two simple alternate solutions to the proprietary systems: Replace your manifold to accommodate generic filters or completely replace your Ionics/Puronics reverse osmosis system with a PuROTwist RO system. Then you can purchase generic replacements filters for nearly half the cost of Puronics filters, saving you hundreds!


We highly recommend purchasing a new PuROTwist RO System to receive the full benefits of a state-of-the-art reverse osmosis system.