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ionicslogo2.jpgIonics, rebranded as Puronics in 2006, has been in the water filtration industry since 1947. Ionics reverse osmosis systems only use Water Factory Systems filters. This makes maintenance simple as you can easily identify your replacement filter. Select your Ionics system below to find replacement filters and recommended schedules.

The Ionics Ion and the Ionics MicroMax 6000 and 6500 Reverse Osmosis Systems use proprietary filters.  Puronics has manufactured these filters and engineered them to be non-compatible with any other systems.  Since Ionics replacement filters are available only through a select group of Ionics water treatment dealers their limited availability enables the dealer network to keep the prices higher than what seems reasonable.  Due to customer demand we now provide a simple and logical solution to this problem - Replace your system with a PUROTwist RO System.  Then purchase yearly replacement filters for just over half the price of your Ionics replacement filters.

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