ESP Pro Business Account Application

Terms and Conditions

  • ESP Pro Business Accounts must have and maintain a legal registered business within the state of their primary business address.
  • ESP Pro Business Accounts must have and maintain an active Federal tax ID number for the business registered with ESP Water Products.
  • ESP Pro Business Accounts must be a reseller such as a plumber, water specialist, or contractor. 
  • ESP Pro Business Accounts must purchase a minimum of $1,200 per calendar year to maintain ESP Pro status and receive applicable discounts and benefits. Failure to meet minimum purchase requirements within the calendar year will result in cancellation of the ESP Pro Business Account.  The first year of participation will be pro-rated for the number of months remaining in the calendar year.
  • Once approved, the first order of a new ESP Pro Business Account must be a minimum of $99. No Minimum order amount is required after the first order. 
  • Credit is available for ESP Pro Business Accounts through PayPal Credit for all orders of $99 or more with no interest for 6 months. No credit is available orders less than $99. For more information or to apply for PayPal Credit click HERE.
  • ESP Water Products reserves the right to change prices and discounts at any time without notice.  Price and discount changes are not applicable to any previous purchases.
  • ESP Water Products reserves the right to change or terminate the ESP Pro Business Account program at any time without notice.
  • ESP Pro Business Accounts do not represent ESP Water Products or its brand, and may not use the ESP Water Products Logo or proprietary content and material found on its website without written permission.
  • ESP Water Products reserves the right to cancel participation of an approved ESP Pro Business Account at any time for violation of these terms and condition, or for any illegal, criminal, dishonest, misrepresentation, or misleading actions in their business practices.
  • Unless otherwise specified within these terms and conditions, all other Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Shipping & Return Policy outlined on the website apply to ESP Pro Business Accounts.