How to Find & Order the Correct RO Filters

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Colette McCullough

How to Find & Order RO Replacement Filters: So it's time to replace the filters for your Reverse Osmosis water filtration system. Figuring out which filter or membrane you need to purchase can be overwhelming.

Get started by determining the brand of model of your RO filter system.

Tips to Determine Brand and Model of RO System

The most accurate way to get the right replacement RO filters is to identify the brand and model number of your current system.

Identify Your RO System

  1. Identification information is usually found on the metal or plastic manifold that holds the filters in place
  2. The model number may also be located on the back side of the manifold on a small sticker
  3. Generally, labels on individual filters do NOT indicate the RO system brand or model

If there is no label on the RO system or you are unable to identify the brand and model, then use this guide to identify and select the system image and description that most closely matches your current RO system

Order Replacement Filters

Follow the filter and membrane replacement schedule for your system to ensure your RO system functions properly.

The RO membrane only needs to be replaced every 2-3 years. The other filters are typically replaced every 6-12 months. You may be able to purchase a replacement kit bundle which will provide all the filters for your system.

If you have trouble placing an order, our customer service team is available M-F, 9-5 Central if you have any questions: (877) 377-9876.

Installing Replacement Filters

When the filters arrive, follow the instructions on how to change the RO filters and membrane. Note that when changing RO filters, it is strongly recommended that you sanitize and clean your RO system at the same time.

Going forward, here are a few simple tips to keep your RO system in top shape. For answers to common RO questions, check out our RO Troubleshooting Guide .

Ready to Replace Your Reverse Osmosis System?

If you are considering a new RO system, here are suggestions on what to know before purchasing a reverse osmosis system that might prove helpful.

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