Drinking Water Helps Students Succeed

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Colette McCullough

FUEL YOUR BRAIN: Drinking Water Helps Students Improve Brain Function & Clarity

Hydration Impacts School Performance

For a student to succeed, we know that proper rest, a distraction-free study area, and good nutrition are paramount.

But one simple fact is often overlooked: Drinking water can make a big difference in helping students stay focused, creative, and energized. Yes, it’s that simple.

Studies show that brain function can be improved by 14% with proper hydration.

The brain works on a complex electrolyte formula and depends on suitable hydration to function properly. Just like a car, when we’re running low on fluids, things don’t work so well. When the body goes  for a long period of time without drinking water, brain cells lose efficiency and we have trouble staying focused and completing tasks.

"Years of research have found that when we're parched, we have more difficulty keeping our attention focused. Dehydration can impair short-term memory function and the recall of long-term memory. The ability to perform mental arithmetic, like calculating whether or not you'll be late for work if you hit snooze for another 15 minutes, is compromised when your fluids are low."  Psychology Today

Do Soft Drinks Hydrate?

It may be tempting to stop by the vending machine for a soda prior to class or on our way to a study session. But while soft drinks may temporarily relieve our thirst, they actually work as a diuretic, making the body lose water faster than it can be utilized. To process the sugar content of sodas, the body will pull water from extracellular fluids, thus leaving the body less hydrated (and more thirsty) than before the soft drink.

Pure water is the best solution for hydration. Water is the preeminent beverage to keep your mind and body energized and operating at their best.

How Much Water Should I Drink Each Day?

We generally get about 20 percent of our fluid needs from the food we eat and various other beverages. That means that other 80 percent of our fluids should come each day from drinking pure water. How much water our bodies need to stay properly hydrated depends upon our body weight, living climate and daily activities. But the fact is, most of us do NOT drink enough water each day. We are continually losing fluids from sweating, breathing, and urinating and when our water consumption does not keep up with the loss, that’s when we’re not at our best.

If you’re not sure if you’re getting enough water every day, water drinking apps such as Waterlogged and Water Your Body are available to help keep our hydration on track.

Solutions for Pure Water

Reverse Osmosis: It’s a fact that we drink more water when it tastes better! Water bottles can be quickly filled (before heading to class) with a reverse osmosis (RO) drinking water system. RO technology is a simple way to improve taste as it reduces chlorine, total dissolved solids (TDS), as well as organic and inorganic substances. An RO system can be easily installed at the kitchen tap to produce high-quality water for just pennies per gallon.

Water Coolers: Bottleless water coolers provide a never-ending supply of delicious filtered water for the home or business. Water coolers are much easier and less expensive than traditional water delivery service, and can be connected to an existing water line to produce a continuous supply of cold or hot purified drinking water.

Filtered Water Bottles: The WaterBasics filtered water bottle is BPA free and is made to fit into backpack pockets, standard cup holders, and bike bottle cages. It also has the patented Bite-Me drinking valve that stays clean with the rugged protective cap. The bottle is leak free and will stay sealed in all types of conditions. It is an excellent choice to provide great-tasting, odor-free filtered water everywhere you go. Environmentally Friendly: For the cost of 20 liters of bottled water, you can enjoy over 300 liters of filtered water. Learn More