Axeon JT-2000 RO Commercial System 2000 GPD


The Axeon JT-2000 Reverse Osmosis Light Commercial System is designed to treat 2000 gallons per day. This system features the EZMount two-piece wall mounting system and is available in 220/460 Volt 50/60 Hertz. Enhanced features and options available depending on the application and demands of the user. The system is made for commercial applications with an optional mobile stand, multiple filter stages, filter pressure gauges to monitor water pressure throughout the system, multiple flow meters and a motorized pump to maximize system output.



  • STAGE 1 - Sediment Filter (200640) – Replace every 1-6 months as needed 
  • STAGE 2 - RO Membrane (See Package Options) – Replace every 24 months or as needed

PDF iconAxeon JT-Series RO System Specifications

PDF iconAxeon JT-Series RO System Manual