Aquasana EQ-Well-UV


The Aquasana EQ-Well-UV system or Whole House Well Rhino 500,000 gallon well water systems come in several different configurations such as the Well Rhino, Pro Well Rhino, Well Rhino + Conditioner, and the Pro Well Rhino + Conditioner; all of which include the AQ-UV-STD UV system. The systems can be differentiated by the size and features. The standard Well Rhino EQ-Well-UV is 49" wide, the Pro Well Rhino EQ-Well-UV-PRO is 59" wide, the Well Rhino + Conditioner EQ-Well-UV-AST is 59" wide, and the Pro Well Rhino + Conditioner EQ-Well-UV-PRO-AST is 69" wide. All have a flow rate of 7 GPM.


ESP Water Products does not carry parts or service the entire Aquasana system, we only carry parts for the AQ-UV-STD Sterilight SC200-A UV system. The Aquasana AQ-UV-STD Sterilight SC200-A UV system disinfects all the water entering your home and provides protection from bacteria and viruses in your water. In order to maintain the manufacturer's warranty, UL third-party certification, and ensure your Aquasana AQ-UV-STD Sterilight UV system is properly treating the water in your home, it is necessary to only use genuine VIQUA Sterilight S200RL-HO (formerly AQ-UV-STD-LAMP) UV lamps in your system. Genuine manufacturer lamps will have "VIQUA S200RL-HO" etched onto the lamp glass. Using any other lamp will void the manufactures warranty and may be unsafe to use. Find genuine replacement lamps, sleeves, and parts for your Aquasana AQ-UV-STD Sterilight SC200-A UV system below:



PDF iconSC200-A Model UV System Owners Manual

PDF iconLamp and Sleeve Replacement Instructions


Aquasana SC200-A and SC410-A UV systems are manufactured by VIQUA Sterilight. ESP Water Products is an Authorized reseller of VIQUA Sterilight UV systems, lamps, and parts. ESP Water Products is also a VIQUA Certified Internet Reseller. All Aquasana brand names, trademarks, and logos are property of Aquasana.