Aquafine SCD-1200H

Aquafine SCD series UV system

The Aquafine SCD H series is the updated replacement model for the obsolete SCD series, though with some major differences. The SCD-1200H features a microprocessor-based controller with compact size and footprint. The SCD 1200H utilizes a higher strength lamps at 185nm to reduce TOC in ultrapure water and residual chlorine and chloramines in make up water. The H series has a much lower flow rate then the previous model but is designed more for TOC reduction than UV disinfection. The Aquafine SCD-1200H uses Aquafine’s High Efficiency Long Life (HX) lamps for 115 gallons per minute with 36 single-ended lamps and sleeves.



  • Lamp (GOLD-L/SILVER-L/TAN-L) x36 - Replace every 12 months
  • Quartz Sleeve (16791) x36 - Replace every 24 months or as needed

PDF iconAquafine SCD Brochure

PDF iconAquafine SCD Manual