Aquafine SCD-1000

Aquafine SCD series UV system

The Aquafine SCD-1000 is part of Aquafine’s now obsolete SCD series of UV systems. The SCD-1000 was designed to use less floor space with higher flow rates and fewer lamps. The SCD-1000 produces 800 gallons per minute with 24 single-ended lamps and sleeves. The SCD series offers two-piece construction as an electrical control cabinet or remote cabinet and is available in Standard, High Efficiency (HE), and High Efficiency Long Life (HX) configurations. The system can also be configured for disinfection, TOC reduction, ozone destruction, and chlorine/chloramine destruction. The Aquafine SCD series comes with a UV Vision 2000 series G400 controller which features a LED display, running time meter, lamp out alert, and hand off auto. It includes options of an improved TS600 controller, modem online access for monitoring, and temperature sensor.



  • Lamp (17998/18024) x24 - Replace every 12 months
  • Quartz Sleeve (17751) x24 - Replace every 24 months or as needed

PDF iconAquafine SCD Brochure

PDF iconAquafine SCD Manual