Aquafine CSL-12R/60

Aquafine CSL Plus UV system

The Aquafine CSL series comes in 2 different versions. The CSL prior to 1999 featured a doubled-ended lamp and sleeve and those after 1999 and the CSL plus series feature a single-ended bi-pin winged lamp and a single end sleeve. The CSL-12R60 is the larger 60-inch version has been designed to integrate the treatment chamber and electrical enclosure into one unit at 347 gallons per minute due to its larger size. It features a lamp status indicator and running time meter with a single-ended lamp though with optional remote or UV monitoring options. The updated Plus version uses 12 lamps and sleeves.



  • Lamp (Double End: 3098LM - Single End: 17998/18024) x12 - Replace every 12 months
  • Quartz Sleeve (3198) x12 - Replace every 24 months or as needed

PDF iconAquafine CSL Plus series Brochure

PDF iconAquafine CSL Series Manual