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Aquafine 3010 G8T5 Replacement UV Lamp (05-1108-R)

Aquafine 3010 G8T5 Replacement UV Lamp (05-1108-R)

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The Atlantic Ultraviolet 05-1108-R UV replacement lamp is a 3010 replacement bulb for the Aquafine SP-1 UV system and as generic replacement lamp for other UV systems. The 05-1108-R is a 2 pin Double Ended G5 Metal base (B9) lamp that is 11.3 inches long (288mm). The lamp operates at 8 Watts with a quartz outside diameter of 16mm. It is extremely important to replace this lamp every 12 months to maintain proper system efficacy, especially because of the combination lamp and sleeve. As the key component of your UV system, the lamp renders micro-organisms harmless when they pass through the UV rays. Consistently exchanging aged lamps with fresh ones after 12,000 hours ensures you get the cleanest water your system can offer.


  • 2 pin double ended G5 Metal Base (B9)
  • 8 Watts
  • Length: 11.3"/288mm
  • Replace every 12 months

Alternate Part Numbers

3010, 05-1108-R, GML205, PQ8IL, Q14L, Q8IL, Q8ILH, Q8SPT, ALA-8, 8 Watt Strip Fixture, 04141, PUVLB508, G8T5, ELE025XXXX11503-1, ELE050XXXX11503-1, ELE080XXXX11503-1, LC105, MB007BPM1, MB007PK01, MB007XXM1, MB015BPM1, MB015PK01, MB015XXM1, MB060XXM1-115, MB120XXM1-115, MD007BPM1, MD007BPM2, MD007XXM1, MD007XXM2, MD015BPM1, MD015BPM2, MD015XXM1, MD015XXM2, ME007BPM1, ME007PK01, ME007XXM1, ME015BPM1, ME015PK01, ME015XXM1, MP030BBM1-115, MP030RBM1-115, MP030REM1-115, MP030SBM1-115, MP060BBM1-115, MP060RBM1-115, MP060REM1-115, MP060SBM1-115, MP120BBM1-115, MP120RBM1-115, MP120REM1-115, MP120SBM1-115, MR007BPM1, MR007PK01, MR007PK02, MR007XXM1, MR015BPM1, MR015PK01, MR015PK02, MR015XXM1, OE005BPM2, OE005XXM2, OE010BPM2, OE010XXM2, OPT030PLXX11503-1, OPT030XXXX11503-1, OPT060PLXX11503-1, OPT060XXXX11503-1, OR007BPM1, OR007XXM1, OR015BPM1, OR015XXM1, ULXXXIOM1, ULXXXIOM2, MED030XXXX11503-1, MED060XXXX11503-1, MED100XXXX11503-1, R030XXM1-115, MR060XXM1-115, MR100XXM1-115, W2T167317, W2T169348, AN1329, AN-8A, AN-8, PT-1650, PT-1651, PT-521, LTC8T5, 21061, G8T5/OF, HNS 8W G5, 299305, TUV 8T5, PUVLB508, BLE-8T254, 7001-727, 1RK002, SP-21, 3000016, G8-3010

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