Aqua Flo UVBB-2 Series

Ultraviolet System

Aqua Flo UVBB-2 Series Replacement Lamp & Sleeve

Aqua Flo UVBB "Big Boy" systems meet your high-flow needs with their plus-sized, heavy duty housings. The UVBB-2 is a standard sized, 2 stage "Big Boy" UV system that uses UV purification and a 5 micron sediment filter to treat for sediment particles, microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses up to 15 gallons per day.

Replacement Lamp & Sleeve Info

Lamp (36002018) - Replace every 12 months

Quartz Sleeve (36003036) - Replace every 24 months or as needed, and clean whenever lamp is replaced

Sediment Filter (33003117-1) - Replace every 6-12 months or as needed